You need to work hard to Learn English

Previously I have said in a post that learning English is not hard. So this post is not against of that previous post. So Why I am dragging the option named  #hardwork?

Well. English is really easy if you give time. But giving time every day is that hard work. You need to give enough time in anything where you want to be highly skilled. And English is not different from that.

We all love to play cricket/football. We enjoy those games. But to do well and to make a very good score, you need to give enough time.

Hard working is a habit. At the very beginning, it seems impossible to become consistent. But if you stick with your work and do the same ting again and again every single day, the hard work will not give you any pain. Usually it takes 30 days to make a new habit or it takes 30 days to adapt a new thing in our life.


You have never tried about English. That is not your fault. Now you have enough time. You have enough possibilities. You have enough sources from where you can become skilled in English. The best way to learn this language is not giving 18 hours a day, but giving regular time in a consistent way. That means you can’t stop practicing. This is really hard to practice everyday. So you need to make it a habit.


Razib vai always tells us about practicing for 30 days. If a complete newbie can give time every single day for just 30 days, he will develop for sure. You can not find a single person who will not develop if he or she can practice reading, writing, commenting and speaking for just 30 days.  Practicing these 30 days is the hardest part. If you can pass these 30 days, you will go to the next level. It is proven.


The formula of 30 days is also applicable in any subject, not only for English. You may be very weak in math. If you try to give consistent time, you must develop. This is simple. There is nothing hidden here. Giving enough time is the only solution. There are lots of talented persons in our country. But if you look at the life of the most successful persons, you will be astonished that 95% of them are general people who just gave time. That’s why giving time is important where talent will not lead you to success. Have a good day!!


  1. Absolutely true that you have written in your article. I’m thankful to you for your valuable post on about learning English without fear. You are abled to understand us that English is not so hard. But hard is giving time everyday continously. If anybody try to learning not only English but also other languages, he or she must should give time everyday. There is no compromising with this rule. They must obeyed it srictly. It is as clear as crystal water. So that I’m determined to learning English anyway. Inshaallah in near future it will be my strength.
    I ask your prayer brother.
    May Allah bless you.

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