Why 1 Year is important for success?

Most of time, Razib vai  suggests us  give one year in the group or one year in your business or your favorite topic. Most of the persons think that why he is telling about 1 year? Is there any secret of this 1 year?

There is no secret here. If you consistently give 1 year in any topic, you must develop. You have to develop. There will be something positive of course. There is no doubt in this topic.

I am sharing my personal experience in this group. Most of you know that I joined in this group probably 16th August. Now it has already 123 days or more than 4 months in the group. In these 123 days, I think I only took a break for 13 days. i am not sure.

What are the benefits that I have gained? Well. I am writing down the benefits serially.

-First of all, I have become consistent. Before joining in this group, I was irregular. I had no control on my mind. so I took it as a challenge and gave almost every day in this group. I am the second person who was able to write 50 Comments in a day and probably the first one to make 100 longs comments in a day. That is the benefit. I  gave my valuable time and my typing speed developed a lot. I have  overcome the stress, tension and other negative things. Now most of the members can understand what I am trying to say.

– There was some times when i gave already the whole day in this group. Why? I was already fluent in writing. But I have dedicated my valuable time because i have found this group perfect for practicing. I have practiced a lot. I posted so many posts in this group. I posted to gain the experience, not for gaining any likes or popularity.

-Now my confident level has grown a lot. I am now confident to write in any topic. Now I can write faster than most of the members. I am not here to brag. I just trying to say that giving time will give you some results. So dedicate your 30 minutes everyday in  your topic. It will help you a lot that you can’t imagine it now.

-i am starting my own blog and hopefully it will be a blast as I will dedicate my time in writing. I love to write. I love to express my views and opinions and that’s the business. Now the time is to learn the grammar and i need to develop my speaking skill. I am super confident that if I just give 30 minutes in speaking for just 14 days, I will be able to speak better than the others in English.

-It’s 123 days and now i am getting multiple job offers from different companies. I rejected some of them because I want to dedicate another 4 months in this group as now You see I am trying to write 1,000 words long post suggested  by razib vai. When I will be consistent  in writing 1,000 in any topic, then I will start working with some of the companies.

-So this is my 123 days journey with this group. I have developed a lot in just 123 days. So why not you? Yes, you may have study, you may have job, you may have family problems. Aren’t you capable of giving only 15-20 minutes everyday in learning something? If not, then we can only feel sorry for you. Success doesn’t depend only on hard work and merit, It solely depends on Consistency. Again and again. That’s the open secret. The world’s most successful persons did the same job again and again. They have made mistakes. They corrected them. The more you give time, the more you make mistakes. It’s a part of the learning process. If you are not making any mistakes, then actually you are not learning any thing.

-365 days can easily change your life in any topic if you just give time for at least 30 minutes consistently. Look at the Army officers. They do the same work again and again. They  had to become consistent in their 3 years of military training in Bangladesh Military Academy. No one became a Military officer within a week. They had to give time. The doctors become doctors in 5 years of consistent study. They don’t become doctor within 6 months.

I am not telling that you will be 100% successful in 365 days. But your present situation will change for sure. You will learn newer things and you will become much more skilled than before. So it is your choice which should you take. Regret is always painful. Don’t give the chance to your mind for regretting. It is better to fail 100% after trying than not trying it at all.

I love to fail. Whenever I fail, I learn new things. Same thing goes for Shakib Al hasan, messi, CR7 and all the famous players. They do lots of practices. But they can’t do well in every game. But they keep trying and they never give up. You will never see messi to score in every matches. You will never find Shakib getting 5 wickets in every match. They all are humans . They make mistakes and they correct them. Now they are legend.

We don’t want to be legend like them. We want to be successful. These 365 days will   be your foundation of success. It will dramatically change your life. Cut off the relationships with those useless friends and stop hearing about what the relatives and society is telling about you. Be dumb and be Blind with your own work for just 365 days. One day, they will salute you seeing your results. don’t waste this opportunity. Apply it. Do something. But do it daily. Everyday. Please don’t miss a single day. If you miss a day, try to recover it by giving extra time. At first, it will be hard to stick with the work for 30 days. But after that, it will become a habit.

So the members who are joining in this group and seeing the dream to become skilled in English, follow the advice of Razib vai and keep giving consistent time for at least 6 months.

The result will tell about you.



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