What is the cost of success?

We all want success in our life. There is no one in this world who doesn’t want it. But very few of the people will actually work for that. Success is not a overnight process.

Gary Vaynerchuk is my favorite entrepreneur. He said one thing and that is,” If you love something and want to do it for the rest of your life, Don’t stop working after 4 months.”

Success is a battle. It is a war with your own mind, own relatives and families and own friends. Moreover you have to fight with negative people. But most of all. you need to have a dream and have to believe yourself.

If you have strong belief in your mind that what you want to achieve, sooner or later you can get it. But you need to become consistent and need to be very focused. And then move forward. No time to think about the past. 95% think about the past and they ruin their valuable time.

Practice your topic daily, read something about it daily and learn every single day. Give consistent time.

Razib vai had a dream about E-cab. Yes, It took almost 25 months to make E-cab in a stable position. But finally he did it. We don’t need 25 months to become master in any topic. The thing what we need is to give some of our valuable time in practicing. Deliberate practice will give you fluency in the topic that you love. Remember, if you don’t feel any pain, you are not in the way of success.

Sachin tendulkar said a very true thing. That is,” Success is in the future, not in the back. whoever moves forward, will get it surely”

Don’t give up even if you are passing the toughest time. Don’t ever consider with your dream. If you give up, you will lost the battle.

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