Ways to Keep Yourself Safe from Shortcut Ways

Probably most of us want something we want in life in shortcut ways. In our society, those are predicted to be successful who gained success in a very short time. But do you believe that it is possible to get success in a shortcut way?

Have you ever seen a doctor who gets the MBBS degree within a year? Or an engineer who becomes an engineer within 6 months?

To become an Army officer, every single person on earth needs 3 years of hard training. Have you seen anyone who becomes an army officer within 6 months?

So how can we expect success within a very short time? You may need a good gpa in your subject. The way you can get a good gpa is to become regular in your study. If you want quick success, then you need to give 15 hours a day for 3 months to do well in a semester. It is possible.

Hard work is the shortcut way to become successful easily and quickly. If you truly want success, then make a plan for at least 6 months. In these six months, you need to work very hard. I will suggest 15 hours/day. Although this is my opinion. At least 8-10 hours is preferred by Razib vai. If you can give this amount of time in any topic, you will must develop. There is no reason of failure. This is the guaranteed way to become successful.

Want a good job? You need to make a plan for six months. You need to face a lot of interviews and then finally you can get a good job.

Same thing for English. You have lacking and this is not your fault. If you continuously practice for 6 months for 10 hours a day, you will develop. I have seen lots of persons who got good amount of jobs by sacrificing 6 months from their life. They knew nothing about English and were very week. 6 months of deliberate practicing gave them this positive results.  To get the success, you need to sacrifice. There is no other way. But this way of success is 100% guaranteed. If you give time, there is no reason to face the failure.

When you will realize  that after 6 months, you are getting something positive, you will have no tension and pressure. It’s the game of six months. Play it . Do it. And have your success.

Give Six months with proper dedication and change your life. It’s easy if you believe and work according to the plan.

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