Want Guaranteed Success? Don’t lose the Focus

Hello Dear members,
How are you? How is going everything?
I know that many of the members are still broke. They are frustrated. They don’t know what to do. They are struggling with the bad time.
Well, the bad time will not pass overnight. But if you are determined, you can overcome it very easily. Time is the biggest factor when you need some positive /negative results in your life.
You need to have patience. You need to test different methods and techniques and ways and then you can know that which one is good for you.
Who is successful in this world?
The person is successful in this world who is determined and who never loses the focus. If a normal/average guy just moves forward with this laser-Focus, he will reach his/her destination one day. It’s 100% true. Allah helps those who give time in their work.
Success is really super easy. You need to keep the focus and just need to be consistent. Then today or tomorrow, next month or next year, success will come to you.
Look at the military officers, they are well- disciplined. They never give up. They give their life for the country, but never lose the focus. You are the own military/soldier of your own life.
Think about your goal. Why we are in this group? Of course, we need to be skilled enough in English. Isn’t it? We all have same goals. We all want to use English properly in our practical life, in business or in education.
So how can we become skilled?
Give more time in the group.
Give plenty of time.
Give at least 3 months consistently . Don’t miss a single day.
Try to write lots of comments.
Try to read all the good posts in the group. Also we are consistently adding some good amounts of posts in our blog. You can read those too.
I love to write. I can write for the whole day. I never feel bored. I never think twice about my mistakes. My typing speed is good Alhamdulillah. But I have acquired this with lots of practice.
Don’t lose the focus, my friends. Just consistently give time for 90 days. I bet, you will become much more skilled than other persons in English. May Allah help us all. But make sure to try. Allah won’t help if you don’t try.
This post is nearly 417 words and it just took 15-17 minutes for me to write. This is not easy if you don’t give time. 
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