taking actions for success

Taking Actions – The Most Important Way to Achieve anything

Do you believe that every action in this life that you take will give you positive/negative results?
I believe this, and it is true. Every work we do will give us some results.
But what will happen if you don’t do anything?
You will be failed 100% because you didn’t work.

We live in such a society where we love shortcut ways to become successful. We don’t want to work. We like to become lazy. We have no passion. If we want to become successful, we must need to give time. We need to keep the patience. And after a particular time, success will come to us.
I see most of the persons fail to make a profit in their business because they don’t know about it. They just throw some money and think that the business will give those tons of profit. It is entirely wrong. If you don’t know how the business operates, then why are you investing your money here? It is not gambling. You need to know the business at first, and then you can dive into it.
How can you get better results or CGPA without continuous study? Is this possible? You may say that some students are doing very well because they have merits. But you are telling a lie. They are getting good results, not for their merits. They get the good CGPA because they put their time every day into the study. They are consistent rather than talent. Every person in the world has some talents. But you need to take actions, and then you will be able to know that.
Nobody can become a good doctor without the study. If so, then it would easy to become a doctor. Look at the officers of Bangladesh Military Academy. They get commission after three years of hardcore training.
Everything you want in life needs actions and works. Without giving time, without working seriously, without studying consistently, you will have nothing. Shakib Al Hasan didn’t become the best All-rounder in a day. See his everyday schedule. He only works. He only practices. That’s how he is achieving the success. There is no secret of the success of Messi and CR7. They practice every single day. That’s why they are the best.
So if you want to get a good result in anything in your life, you need to set up a plan and then you need to take actions consistently. If you become consistent and patient, today or tomorrow you will become successful.
What’s the purpose of us to give time to this group? Does anyone give us money to spend our valuable time here? Are we getting paid for spending time with this group? No.
We all have the same goal. That goal is we need to become skilled and expert in English. But what’s the reason? English will help us to get a better job, to help us communicate with the foreigners, to grow our international business or to help us to get better results in our study. There are countless ways why you need to become skilled in English.
If you are medium-level skilled, you can easily find a good job in Bangladesh. Trust me, if you just know the Basic English, you will get a job. And if you are highly skilled in writing, you can make thousands of dollars by writing contents or doing blogging for yourself.
This group is the perfect place to become skilled. Write whatever you want. Make mistakes. Don’t think about those mistakes. Don’t try to correct them. Just write. After 2/3 months, you will be much more confident about English, and you will love to write anything in English. This group is a goldmine for those who will give time. At least you will develop than before. But if you don’t give any time, you will have nothing to achieve from this group. You will just become some numbers as Razib vai said earlier.

Taking massive actions will help you to avoid the fear of English or whatever. The more you practice, the more you become confident. You will make more mistakes, but those mistakes won’t make you afraid. We all have some dreams in our life. By only taking proper actions, we can fulfill them. We have only one life on this earth. Don’t waste time. Help people. Solve their problems. There are lots of peoples who are in deep troubles. It is our duty to help them. If we work, then we can help them.
Fear of failure makes the barrier that’s why we become afraid not to work. But if you don’t work, how can you get any results? To know the results, you need to work. If you don’t move forward, nothing will happen in life. You will have nothing. Until you take action, you will never know whether the idea will work or not. You may have some of the world’s most brilliant ideas in your head. But those ideas are just shits if you don’t apply those in your work.
Taking action is hard at the beginning. That’s why most people don’t start. But if you can make it a habit, you can go a long way in life by those actions. When you take steps, you will start to see lots of results in your life.
Previously I said that every single comment you do in this group would lead you to become skilled in English. So try to write more comments. Try to read all the posts in the group. But before all, give time consistently every day. We have seen that lots of the members are doing very well just by giving three months in the group. They were very weak in English. They are now doing well because they put their valuable time in this group. They are not special. They are not talent. They just gave their time, and that’s why they are developing day by day.
So my suggestion for the members would be to avoid the fear and to give at least 30 minutes daily in this group. You will have lots of positive memories. I promise.

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