Take the Chance and Change your life

Do you know when life changes? Do you think that luck is the only way to change the life? Are you thinking about the perfect chance which will make you successful? Sorry to say that there is no perfect chance in our life. We need to work consistently in every moment to get the chance.

Sometimes we become frustrated after achieving the failure. We try to leave all the things and permanently give up. That is the biggest mistake. Every moment is a new chance to change your life. You need to work seriously to get the best result. 

If you need something good in life, then you need to work hard. There is no other way to achieve that .  If you work consistently, success will come to you early. But if you don’t work, the situation will never change. It will remain like today. That’s why the most successful persons in the world always suggest others to  take massive actions.

When a person will take lots of actions, he will both face failure and success. He will make some mistakes and on the other hand, he will also get some better results. But we always fear to fail. We fear to try a new thing. Our society tells us that we are not eligible. They suggest that we are not good for it. We can’t do it. Lots of negative people around us. They constantly discouraging others because they already gave up in their life.

Life changing time comes when you don’t give up and when you just move forward. There is no other secret. So whatever you love to do, please start it from today. The tomorrow will never come. If you start, the path will show you the whole process on how you can fulfill your dream. And try to dream bigger. If you aim for higher, you will get much more than you have ever imagined in the life.

every moment is precious. Anything can change your life if you work. You don’t know what is the moment. But if you continuously work hard with sincerity, you can easily get the chance and make yourself successful.

The world’s most successful persons were not talented. They have worked seriously, continuously and consistently every moment and they never gave up. They always focused with the dream. And thus the perfect chance came to them . This is the process . 

The search English is a wonderful group to practice English. There is no other group where you can practice and learn new things without spending a dime. The more you give time in this group, the more you learn the English. And what are the benefits of getting skilled in English? You can get lots of jobs  which are  related to English. If you know English, the companies and institutions will try to make a contact with you. They need skilled people. And if you can speak well in English, you don’t need to look backward in your life.

English will help you in your life in so many ways. Even you can make money by staying at your home and don’t need to go outside for job. A writer who can write well can get thousands of job offers in a year. It is true. So I think this is the perfect chance for all the members of this group to take this chance. We have now @razib vai who is consistently encouraging us and giving us guidelines. You don’t need to pay any money for those guidelines and tips. It is the easiest way to learn English if you stay with this group. The choice is up to you. If you want real success, give time in the group. Read all the posts and try to write comments. You will have shyness in the first 30 days. After 1 month, you will love to read anything in English. You will get much more confidence and that time you will give more time in the group. 

The members who don’t know anything about English, I suggest all of you to  give at least 15 minutes everyday. Just read all the posts. If  it is hard for you to understand, try to read the posts for several times. Here we all the writers always try to write the simplest version of English so that anyone from any age can understand our writing. So do this and follow this guideline. After one month, start commenting. Do some comment whatever comes to your mind. You can comment anything. If it takes 2 hours to write a comment, don’t worry. Just do that. After 2/3 months, you can write lots of comments within a few minutes.

Practice is the only way to become skilled. We have practiced a lot. yes, we have dedicated our whole day in the group. We loved to pass time in this group. There was full of fun. I didn’t find a single boring  day in this group. Trust me. That’s why now I can write better. I can write 1000 words of post within 35-40 minutes. It is not so easy. It was a dream for me. I practiced a lot. I have written whatever i wanted. But I never gave up. Now my target is to become a better writer so that I can write 1000 words of post within 20 minutes. It is quite impossible, right? Yes, you need to have challenge and target in your mind and only then you can get it. Dream big and get bigger.

The same suggestions for every topic, not only for English only. If you want to do well in business, do it sincerely. It is impossible to make profit overnight. But anytime a single chance can change your business and can make it profitable. So do your business/job/study sincerely and carefully. You will get more than your dream. Don’t give up too early.  Be consistent in your study or business or profession and try to dedicate your time. Wishing you all tons of success. Don’t miss a single chance. Accept it.

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