Have you seen today’s moon? Have you ever witnessed this amazing night? Today is simply different.SUPER MOON is dominating today’s night.It’s really amazing.I am impressed.It feels like if i stretch my hand,i will able to catch this beautiful moon! It just wow! <3

Super moon occur once in every 14 months on average.This time it appears very close to the earth.Today's full moon is so bigger and brighter.It appears so close after 70 years! Oh my god! I am feeling lucky to be the witness of it's shiny glory look up.images1

The last time moon sailed so close to us
on january 26,1948.That time it came 30 miles closer.The next time it will appear on november,2034 ; when distance will reduce approximately 40 miles between two body.

I just enjoy seeing the mesmerising beauty of this shiny supermoon standing at the balcony! 🙂 Loved it!!

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