Stop thinking about the things that don’t even matter in your life

Most of the time, we spend our valuable time on focusing useless things.

We fear to take actions and we think that we will lose. But these fears don’t take part in our life.

We fear to start a business even we have business degrees. We fear because we think that we need huge amount of money to start the business. But that is fear.  At first you need to start the business, and then learn it and after that you will need investment. But if you don’t start, how can you know that?

We all want good jobs and salaries. But we don’t feel comfortable to work hard. If you don’t work hard, how can you get a good job? Sometimes we think that there is X factor so that I can’t get the job. There is Y factor, so that we can’t start the business. What society will tell us if we start a business rather than doing a job? What about our relatives? They are thinking about us.

Well. These bullshits never exist. Do what you want to do in your life. Find a profession that you feel comfortable and keep practicing more and more day and night. You need to eliminate all the distractions and need to stay focused on your goal. Only then you can get the success.

Eliminate all the unnecessary things from the life and just  keep moving forward. Set a goal and dream big. It is always better to lose the battle with bigger dream than winning the battle with smaller dream.


I always want to be a good blogger. My writing is not good. But I will keep writing things. Because I believe that writing is a habit. The more I practice, the more I will learn different techniques. I  am the best version of me. So I will not compare me with others. I don’t give a damn what others are trying and doing. My job is to become a good writer who will be popular. So I need to write and learn and practice.

So set your goal. Think which will be profitable for you. Jump to it. Forget what people, society and family is thinking about you. Do your work. Do good work with lots of patience and practice?

Keep doing your work. Every minute is important. Every moment will discover newer chances. So don’t stop trying and doing things.

You will only get results if you put your time in the work. If you don’t do, you will have nothing to get.


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