Stop thinking about Grammar

Grammar is an essential part of English language. There is no doubt. Without grammar, it is quite hard to express correctly.

But there are perfect times to start reading the grammars. What is the perfect time?

The perfect time to start reading grammar is when you can easily write 1 thousands + words without any hesitation. Writing 1 thousands words means you are mid-level fluent in writing and you have overcome the fear and hesitation. Now you can very easily learn the grammar because you are in the right track of practicing.

But if you can’t write well, grammar is not for you. At first, write lots of comments in the group. Increase your typing speed and writing speed. Start writing longer posts. Don’t think about the mistakes. Don’t want to correct your writings. Just write. Try to express your ideas. It will be very easy if you just give 14 days in the group in commenting.

There was once a time when it was very difficult for me to write 20 comments. What was the reasons? Was I weak in English? No. The reason was lack of practice. If you give up practicing, you will lose. The more you give time, the better you become.

By the way, let’s come to the topic. After 14 days of commenting in this group, you can be able to write short posts. If you continue this posting for another 30 days, you can write longer posts.This is the perfect time to learn the grammar than.  It is all about practicing. The more you practice, the faster you will improve.

Try to be regular. Just giving 15 minutes everyday in this group is not a hard task.

Razib vai is preparing some important topics and materials  for the members. So you will definitely get some great things in the future. Till then, keep practicing in the group.


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