Stop Complaining

Stop Complaining from Today

Complaining is good when you have some legal reasons. But over complaining is always bad. But the matter of sorrow is that we always try to complain about anything.

We complain why the success is hard.
We complain about relationships.
We complain about the jobs and bosses.
We complain why we are not happy.

But we never try anything, and we never seek to develop ourselves. This is true that It has Zero Return investment. It is such type of investment which will only give you negative things in your life.

What is the solution for this? Start taking actions. Start doing something. Stay focused on where you want to go. Don’t give up.
If you become consistent, you will reach the level of success. You will get more than your desired goal.
We have Razib Vai, who is the biggest example. I don’t need to drag any other person to give an example. If he left his activity by seeing people’s negative thoughts and actions, would E-CAB reach today’s level? No. He literally became silent and he never gave his dream and worked hard and gave up his life.

We don’t need to work hard like him to get the success. If you want to become much more skilled in any subjects, you need to give time for just six months. Don’t give up too early. Don’t complain.

আমার মামা চাচা নাই, এটা নাই, অই টা নাই, পুলিশে লোক নাই, আর্মিতে ব্রিগেডিয়ার নাই, Stop thinking about these shits.
If you see that a profession is not suitable for you, then switch to another one. There are lots of chances now in this IT-based world. Just by knowing better English, anyone can start an online business. Anyone can get a good job; anyone can become a good writer. Stop complaining.

We complain about money. But we are not willing to work hard for it. We have limitlessly complained about people. But we don’t have a single tendency to change ourselves. So the situation remains same for the rest of our lives. Sorry, My post may be a bit arrogant. But I want everyone in this group to become successful.

Complaining is a disease and the cure is work. That’s how you get something.

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