Some Real Advice for the Young people who are in between 20-25

The young people are the most energetic people. They can do anything if they try. They live with families and so apparently, they have less responsibilities in life.

But the matter of sorrow is that most of the young generation spend their valuable time on useless activities. Either they are spending time on Social media just like Facebook, YouTube or they are watching football/cricket/movies which kill valuable time. But what if they learn something new every single day for just 30 minutes?

Look, I am not against watching football or spending time on social media. But you need to do some productive tasks so that you will get some highly positive things.

As Razib vai said  and  advised to make a reading habit for you. If you can build this reading habit, it will be a powerful weapon for your entire life which will help you tackle any type of problems. You will be very easily able to take the right decisions. And the more you read, the better you learn. So try to read everyday. It will be better if you read something about the topic that you love. Suppose, you love football. Read about football. It will give you huge knowledge. If football is your passion, you can do lots of things in life.

Try to enjoy what you are doing. If you are bored, you have only 5% of chances to become successful in that topic. Give your mind enough time to think about your passion. Eliminate the negative thinkers and peoples from your life. Always try to hang out with the positive thinkers and successful buddies. It will automatically increase the confidence among you and will motivate you to go further ahead.

See bigger dream. Always believe that it is possible for you to fulfill the dream. Work day and night to make the dream into reality. Don’t fear to make mistakes. You will learn a lot. Be honest. You will find both the satisfaction and peace. You will find a lot of criticizers around you. Don’t bother them. Continue your work. Have strong confidence. Focus on where you want to go. Follow the target. Try to reach the target. That’s all. Success will come for sure.

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