Some Interesting facts about Microsoft

We all have heard the name of Microsoft. This is one of the biggest companies in this world. In fact it is considered as one of the largest software company too. We all use it’s software in our computer. Let’s have a look about some interesting facts of this company.

-The first software that Microsoft made so much popular in the market was named ” Microsoft Excel.

-Microsoft and apple are two competent  in the tech market. But there was once a time when both of these two companies had worked together to make software for the Macintosh computer.

-In 1997, Microsoft helped  Apple to save them from bankruptcy.They invested nearly $150 millions to save Apple.

-The employers of Microsoft drink more than 22.9 million free beverages from the cafeteria. These beverages include orange juice and milk.

-Pizza is the most popular food item in the cafeterias of Microsoft.

-Microsoft  is one of the largest art collectors in the world. These artworks includes sculpture, painting, ceramics, photographs, multimedia works and many more.

-Microsoft always ask strange questions in the interviews. This is a very forward-thinking interview procedure.

-Microsoft owns more than 10,000 patents. They are one of the largest patent owners in the world. They discovered so many new things every year.

-The first year revenue of Microsoft was only 16 thousands dollars.

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