Some interesting Facts about Google

Google. He is our every day friend who daily spend their times in online. Although most of the people of Bangladesh first started using Facebook and then Google. But the significance and specialty of Google is whenever someone doesn’t get any solution, he /she is bound to go there and search. And after searching, Google will  help you by providing related info. He definitely he is our friend.

I have researched that if someone wants to become an expert in any topic and search 50 times in google, he will be an expert in that topic within a very short time. Suppose, you like to play tennis. If you search 50 times everyday about tennis on google, what is the output? Literally you will jump in the ocean of knowledge.

I am writing some interesting facts about Google.

✪Every single day millions of people search their questions and answers in Google. But among those, 16% of the people never searched before. They are the first time visitor in google. Really strange, right?

✪Google declared that there is no significance of GPA in exams. They will hirethe persons in their company by their skills. 14% of the officers of Google don’t have a college degree. Very strange.

✪Google is trying to scan 129 millions of books before 2020. Hopefully we will get those for free. It’s a great news.

✪Google gets $20 billion revenue from advertising which is much more than the leading media giants NBC, CNN and fox news.

✪Google gets 2 millions of searches in every 60 seconds. :O :O

✪Google is trying to make a computer and this computer will be able to program itself. That means there should be no need to take help from human.

✪Google is the world’s most visited website. The second is Facebook.

✪Google is considered as the best company to work in the United States.

✪In every single month, Google is buying 2 companies since from the year  2010

✪Google is the owner of YouTube, the world’s biggest video watching site.

✪Google Gets more than 2 millions of job applications from around the world. That is the highest number of applications a company gets.

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