Some Interesting Facts about Coca-Cola Company

Coca-cola is very popular soft drink and they are operating their business in more than 196 countries in total. In Bangladesh, Coca-cola is extremely popular. In fact, it is the most popular soft drink in the country. There is hardly any person who never drunk Coca-cola in his entire life.

Let’s see some interesting facts about Coca-Cola.

  • The person who invented Coca-Cola was a pharmacist in profession.
  • Coca-cola always keep their formula as secret. Only few people know the actual formula on how this soft drink is been made.
  • Coca-Cola is the owner of more than 2,000 beverages in the world. In the ratio, it can be said that 3% of all the beverages of the world are owned by Coca-Cola. Fanta and Sprite are owned and produced by Coca-cola.
  • At the beginning, Coca-Cola was used as a medicine for the wounded persons.
  • Coca-Cola can remove the grease from your clothes. Really interesting, right?
  • Coca-cola is one of the largest and wealthiest brand in the world. Their total worth is more than Pepsi, Red bull and Starbucks.
  • The age of this company is exactly 130 years.
  • Coca-Cola spends huge money in advertising. In the research, it is proven that they spend more money than Apple and Microsoft.
  • Coca-cola company ¬†produces more than 1000 types of juices.
  • Pepsi is the main competitor of Coca-Cola.


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