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I am now writing about my most favorite singer Imrul karim Emil.
How many of you can remember him? He is the vocal of famous band Shunno (শূন্য)

He has established the band in 2007 with the other three friends. Since then, they are entertaining people with lots of good songs.

Emil was the student of North South University and later graduated from IBA-DU in marketing. Later he worked for Robi Axiata Limited and Grameenphone. Currently he is working as country marketing manager of Famous brand Coca-Cola.

I first heard his one the best song স্মৃতির ছেঁড়া পাতা in the year 2011. I was really astonished to heard his voice. This is extra-ordinary.

I remember that day when I heard the song for more than 25 times in a day. Later I heard about another song রাজাহীন কোন রাজ্যে।
now I am hearing the song স্বপ্নঘুড়ি। Thanks Partho Pratim Mazumder vai to give me the link of that awesome song 😀

Besides this, he has several popular songs . They are : শত আশা, বেদনা, খাঁচার ভেতর অচিন পাখি and many more songs.

Famous singer Elita karim is his younger s sister

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