Practice a lot to increase your Speed

Many people complain that they can not think about the topic what they should comment. Yes, doing comment at the beginning is really hard. But if you can avoid the fear and keep practicing for just 7 days, you will face less difficulties.

When I first started commenting in this group, my speed was very poor. But after giving 1 month of time, I was easily able to do more than 30 comments in an hour. That’s really a good number, right? That was only possible because I gave enough time in commenting. And after that, I started writing posts in the group and then after few months, I had the chance to write in the blog section of Till now I am writing in the blog. I have already written 129 posts in total.

Come to the main topic. You need to practice a lot to increase your reading, writing and speaking speed. If you continuously keep practicing, you can do very good. There is no need of talent. Everyone can do it by giving proper efforts.

So don’t be lazy. If you want to increase the writing skill, give time in writing. Write a lot. Don’t bother ever about making mistakes. After getting fluency, you will have enough time to learn the grammar.

So give time and change your career. It is easy if you try and if you believe. This group is a wonderful platform. Utilize it. The benefit is only yours.

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