Interesting facts of Samsung

We all have heard the name of Samsung. In our country, many mobile users use the smartphone of Samsung. They always build quality phones for the users. Besides this, they are popular for building tabs, smartwatches, TVs, Fridges, headphones, computers, laptops and vacuum cleaners.

In this post, we will know some interesting facts about this technology company.

-The meaning of Samsung is three stars. In Korea, it means something powerful and massive.

-The company started it’s journey as a simple trading company, not as a technology company. They had only 40 Initial employees that time.

-Samsung is operating more than 78 companies around the world.

-Samsung started it’s business in technology sector with black and white television.

-The company changed it’s logo for more than six times.

-Samsung is a giant in cell phone market. They introduced the first PDA phone in the history.

-Samsung spend huge money on advertising. They have spent more than four billions of dollars in advertising in 2013.

-Although we know Samsung as a tech company, the company started selling noodles and grocery products when they started their journey. Really surprising.

-In 2011, Samsung was the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

-Samsung spent 14 billions of dollars for the purpose of research and development. This amount is much bigger than Apple and Google.

-Samsung have built the first fighter aircraft for South Korean Air force. They have also built infantry tank for the army. Samsung is also the owner of robotic machine gun which can shoot automatically.


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