Well,i think it’s a human’s ability to think abstractly, rationally and deal with cognitive complexity.The ability to learn or understand something,applying knowledge to manipulate one’s environment,deal with any kind of good or bad or trying situations may be called ‘Intelligence’! Researcher Reuven Fewerstain said, “The unique propensity of human beings to change or modify the structure of their cognitive functioning adapt to the changing demands of a life situation!!” Wow! So nicely he explained!!
It reflects a broader or deeper capability of human minds to ‘catch on’,’make sense’ and ‘figure out’! Human being are the most intellectual creation in this world.They dominate whole universe only for their intelligence.They invented new new things with the advancement of scientific age.They did research about space,technology,medicine and so on various things.Now I am writting this post under comfortable environment with the advancement of scientific era! Using proper human intelligence is the reason of going ahed the world step by step!!At the end of the day,intelligent,advance,prudent person win and take the benefit successfully!!

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