How to become an expert in a topic ??

How to become an expert in a topic or subject or language or in a game?

It’s simple. Give more time. The more you give time in that topic, the more you will make mistakes and you will learn from it. That’s how the persons become expert.

You will never see a doctor who becomes expert in 6 months. He/she has to sacrifice a lot and have to practice relentlessly day and night.

English is considered as the Easiest language in the world. Our neighbor country India has developed so much in English because they have created a solid and good environment. But we don’t have any environment. That’s why we fail in exams and don’t understand what is the meaning.

Every year lots of meritorious students go to USA/Canada/Australia/UK/Singapore/Malaysia for higher studies. So how they can do that? They practiced a lot and got the fluency and that’s how they did that. We have enough people in our country who have that level of expertise in English. If they can do so, then what happened with us?

Give time, avoid the fear and you will become fluent one day. There is no alternative of practice. You have to handle the pain to reach that level.

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