How Can You Improve your Grammar?

Grammar. That’s one of the reasons which is holding us back to learn the english. We always think and judge by grammar, not by fluency. But fluency is much more needed then grammar. If you are not fluent, reading grammar will not help you become skilled in English.

So what should we need to do to become fluent in English?

The simple answer is giving enough time without fear and hesitation. If you continuously practice reading , writing  and speaking without any hesitation and shyness, you will become fluent in a very short time. You can become fluent in Writing if you just continue writing for 3 months. Same thing is applicable for both speaking.

And after you become fluent, now the time of grammar will come.

Here are some easy steps to learn the grammar.

-Take the help from a teacher. It may be your friend who is good at english. Learn from him. He will show and correct your mistakes and thus it will be fruitful for you.

-Read a lot. No matter what you are reading, just continue it. This reading habit will help you to understand the proper grammar.

-Try to speak often. If you are not  good at speaking, don’t have to worry about that. Just speak. Speaking will help you to identify the mistakes and thus you can very easily correct your mistakes and will learn the grammar easily.

-Read the blogs about grammar. You can learn the grammar for free. Just read those blogs. All you need to pay money is for your internet bill. And nothing else. These blogs have some basic exercises and tests. The more you practice, the better you will learn the grammar very well.

-Increase your vocabulary will help you to learn the grammar. For this, you need to read newspapers and various books. The more you read, the better you learn newer words. Thus it will help you in learning the grammar.

-Use apps on your mobile phone. There are lots of games and apps based on grammar. You can utilize those apps to learn the grammar.

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