Golden Jubilee Celebration of CU


Proverb says,” Better late than never!” Yeah, so i am here with all of you! Though i am late to share my experience about Golden Jubilee at CU.Now i am going to share with you those golden moments i enjoyed most! ^_^ <3

18th november,2016.I started journey to campus from my home to get the flavour of these enjoyable moments.At 6 PM i reached there.All of my friends were already ornated themselves, wore shari and all of them looked tremendous beautiful.They got angry with me as i didn't bring shari 🙁 I hadn't that plan to wear shari. Sometimes i felt sad that why i didn't wear shari.I regrettably thought to myself.Anyway,i then got ready to go and visit our campus.

18 november was the day for ex-students of CU.All program was held at town.As we are current student we missed it.But that was not matter at all.We then visited our campus.The beauty of my campus was beyond imagination.It was just awesome.Apart from this,whole campus was adorned very nicely.A lot of people enjoyed by themselves.Felt quite cold that time.All shops were opened.Peoples were chattering,blabbering by themselves.Took lots of selfies.We also did the same thing.Suddenly i saw some familliar faces,my lovely friends of my department.Chattered with them,took selfies,did lots of fun and so on.
Then we went to center field to see that condition as tomorrow concert will be held.After reaching there,we saw that very beautifully whole place was trimmed.They examined sound system and also giant screen.We felt hungry.Took lots of things! 😛 Then we returned back to hall.

19th november,2016. Two juniors in that room woke me up from bed very early! -_- They perdoned for that because they were quite bumbling to get dressed.They had to ready earlier as they took the responsibility of booth.Anyway,i helped them for dressing and ornated them rubbing my eyes as i was feelling seelpy! :-/ Anyway, after taking my breakfast i also adorned myself but always cursed myself for not bringing Shari! 🙁 Felt like everyone looked very beautiful in Shari,but i was not! 🙁 Then i went to my department.Met with so many seniors brothers and sisters.They all are in a very respectable position in their job life.Talked with some senior brothers and they were very cordial to us.They did lot's of fun to all of us.Unforgetable nostalgia! 🙂 Took selfies with some senior sisters, junior brothers & sisters also. Did lot's of fun with classmates,friends.All classmates took launch together at open place, did lot's of fun,blabbering,joking with one another! 😀

After that i returned back to hall for refreshing myself.After taking rest and refreshed myself,again well-dressed myself! 😛 Then went outside with friends.After finishing photo-session went to the main attraction of this program,that iss concert!It was just wow! 😀 Enjoyed many songs of Artcell,Lalon and Warfaze.Unbelieveable performance! Wow!!!!! Most of the audience were dancing with the bit of songs specially boys! 😀 Though we were not dancing but enjoyed very much the whole concert ! 😛

And those were the experiences and ending of this golden,happy moments.Still those moments are twinkling in my mind very sharply! 🙂



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