FEAR- The Biggest Roadblock of Success

This is another long post. You may find this post boring as usual. In this post, I am going to describe about a disease named FEAR. Everyone of us are suffering with this disease. Although this is not a physical disease, but it affects the body and mind.

When we fear, we lose the control of our mind and can’t decide what to do. Now try to find out what is the reason of fear and why it keep us away from success.

Fear occurs when we want shortcut ways in our life. Fear happens when we don’t want to take the risks. We fear for losing. We are afraid of failure. Well, if you don’t work, you will never know about your ability. If you work, something will obviously happen. Every actions we take will give us some results. the person who take more actions and do more work and give more time, definitely he will achieve more.

We always think what others think about us. This is a horrible mistake. If we always think what others are thinking about us, we can’t move forward. If you do some good deeds, there will be always some criticism. You need to accept it and have to eliminate this from your mind.

The main thing is when you can avoid the fear, you will see unlimited possibilities in your life. You may lose 100 times, but you will not give up any more. 

Most of the time our fear doesn’t have any real existence. We bring it and we lose. We think about irrelevant things and think negative. But those things never happen.

We fear about the perfection. But nothing is totally perfect. Most of us don’t start because they always try to become perfect. My friend, you are in the wrong way. The society is on the wrong track. The solution is you need to start. Then the path will tell you how you can fulfill the dream. You will find another ways to do that job.

Fear stops your growth. When you fear, you are afraid of the results. We all know that we have lacking in English. The good thing is that we want to become skilled. And the negative thing is we are not interested to give any time  in the group and we don’t believe that it is possible to become skilled by giving much time as we always believe about talent/merit.

We fear to start business, but we also want to become successful in business. We fear if we lose or if we fail. In this situation, you need to give time, learn the business and then apply your knowledge in the business. Thus you can become a better businessman. It is a constant learning process. The more you learn and apply, the less is the possibility to lose.

We are afraid of making mistakes. But none of the successful persons in this world could avoid this. They are successful because they have made lots of mistakes and they have corrected them. Don’t count how many mistakes you have made. Just count how many times you have tried and gave your best.

We fear to start. It is a bad attitude. If you don’t start today, you are wasting your time. If you are a very busy person, then give 5-10 minutes everyday in learning. You can do this very easily. Always remind that when you start, you are already 50% successful than others because they are still thinking about staring. 

As Razib vai said that The basics of English is not the grammar. The basic is Fluency. When you practice a lot, the grammar will be really easy for you. When you will acquire the habit of reading and writing in English deliberately, the grammar will be nothing for you. The only thing you need is to start giving time. At the beginning time, it is the hardest part.

But razib vai is always giving us guidelines on how to become skilled. I am briefly describing his guidelines.

-Giving 30 minutes everyday for 3 months. It will make you consistent. No matter what the hell you are writing or reading or commenting or doing mistakes, it never matters. Give time for 30 minutes for just 90 days. It will eventually make you consistent and patient to stick with any work.

-The second step is when you pass the 90 days, star writing posts. Try to write 100-300 words in any topic. Make lots of grammatical mistakes. But do it. No one will find your mistakes. This is the best moment for you to become highly skilled in English

-Avoid the persons who always telling you to start with grammar. Avoid them if they are your relatives, families, teachers or nearest ones. Don’t pay any heed to their guidelines. Just practice in this way. If you start with grammar, you may become skilled in English, but it will took a lot of time.

-keep calm and keep doing practicing. You will see lots of persons are criticizing you. But always remember that one day they will be astonished after seeing your success.

Avoid the fear and you will gain much more confidence. Give enough time in any subject or anything that you love to do it. Yes, it may take 1 year. But you will become much more skilled in that topic. Don’t let your fear to control you. Fear is only a negative thing. It gives us nothing positive. Be desperate. Be confident  in your topic. Dare you give enough time in the topic.

And most important thing is don’t look what others are doing. You may become disappointed by seeing others success. But it is true that they give time delicately and that’s why they are successful. So now it is your turn to give more time to see your own success.

Start today. In this moment. Don’t wait. Don’t waste the time. Start now. The future will be always better than your dream. The success will be yours. Take the chance. Don’t waste it. Just start without fear.

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