Excuses: The Fastest way to Become Failure


Do you know any person in this world who doesn’t want to win or any person who doesn’t need to develop himself? You will say that you  have never seen these types of peoples in your whole life. But you already saw them.

They are those people who love to show excuses. They eat excuses, sleep excuses and drink excuses. In fact, excuses are  the best friends in their life. :D.  I can’t do that for X reason, He can’t do that for Y reason. She can’t do that work for Z reason. That’s quite horrible.

If you really want something in your life and believe that you can get it, you will never show any kind of excuses. So if you are not serious, then you are showing your excuses and you have already failed.

Most of the time we say that we will finish our tasks tomorrow. But this tomorrow never arrives in our life and that’s why we can’t develop. Set a realistic goal with proper focus and just make it happen. Work seriously. Take a job or task which you never feel bored at that. Be consistent. Do the same work again and again. Make this a habit. Nothing can beat the power of a good habit.

When you will start winning, it will become an addiction, a positive addiction. That time you will be much more hungry for success  than before.

We all know the success story of Shakib al hasan. What he loves? He loves to get a wicket of a batsman and he loves to score a good run for the team. Did  you ever see that Shakib gave excuses to get a wicket or make a century? No !! He just  does his work continuously.

Only the people who are lazy or fear of failure are showing excuses. Another reason they show excuses because they are not willing to start. They think, they plan, they analyse, but they never start. They want for the perfect time for their whole life. Successful people don’t think too much. They just start the work and get a result.

Fear of failure is a bad thing. It’s one of the reasons why people give  excuses. ”What will happen if I fail? This is too risky for me to try. This is impossible because I don’t see any opportunity here.”-  They show that. Well, if you never try, you will never get anything.

The successful people don’t hesitate to try. They just keep trying and they don’t give any excuses. Losing is a part of life. No one can become successful without failing. You have to accept the failure to try again once more.

-Lack of confidence is another  reason to show the excuses. Well, you need to believe that you can do it. Without confidence, you can not do anything in life. People say that they don’t have enough time. Guys, the successful people in this world all have equally 24 hours. You have also. So make your time and just start what you want.

-Money is the another reason why people don’t start business. We can see tons of successful people in this world who were literally poor and didn’t have anything and they became successful from Zero. You need some initial money to start the business. Do some odd jobs and make money and invest in your business. What’s stopping you, man?????

-My education background is not so good. This is another excuse. Lots of high school dropouts became successful from being zero. Have you ever tried ? No. You just gave excuses.

So my friends, whatever you want to achieve, please try your best. Stop making excuses. This is a disease which is killing you mentally day by day. Just make it happen. Razib vai is the best example. He didn’t get positive results in the first 1.5 years. He tried his best. Now day by day, companies are joining in E-CAB. And only for him, we got the opportunity to practice English without any problem and vejal.

Zafar Hossain Zafi vai. My marketing mentor. He started teaching YouTube among the young community. And only for him, lots of  young guys are  making thousands of dollars now. What would happen if he didn’t start?

Just think about the blessing what Almighty Allah has given you. There are lots of persons in this world who are blind, who are dumb, who can’t speak, who can’t walk. What is stopping you????

The choice is yours.


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