English is not Tough

English is not so much tough as you think. The way you spend should have to be utilized properly.

You must need to have a very strong mentality to give enough time. You need to believe that it is very easy to become highly skilled in English. If you think positively and keep trying, you can very quickly learn this language.
Always avoid the negative thinking. At first, the reading will be extremely hard. You may not understand a single thing. But keep trying this for 30 days. The reading will be easier. You will enjoy to read.

The principle is for writing and speaking. Nothing is easy at the beginning. But with enough practice, you can definitely improve the writing and speaking.

Confidence is much more important if you want to become skilled in anything. You need to believe that learning English is just learning a new language, nothing else.

If someone spends daily 2-3 hours for just two months, he/she will be able to write more than 2 thousands of words everyday. So for this, you need to increase the time you give in the group for practicing. In these 3 months, you need to correct nothing. Don’t think about the mistakes. Just keep practicing. The success rate is 100% whoever has given this time in the group.

So it is up to you. The choice is only yours. Are you truly interested to become highly skilled in English? If so, give enough time. English is very easy if you give time. You don’t need to memorize the hard words, the rules of grammar and nothing. Everything will be automatically added if you concentrate properly everyday.

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