How Desperate Are you for Success?

By the word ‘Desperate’, we usually mean a negative thing. Some people are desperate for money, some for jobs, some are seeking for Relationships and some people are desperate for seeking other people’s attention.

I am extremely weak for cats and sometimes I become desperate to bring the stray cats in my home. Already I am adopting 4 stray cats outside of my house.

We all are desperate in our own life for various reasons. We have some dreams in our life. We want to fulfill those dreams anyhow. But not all of us become successful.

I am taking about the importance of being desperate to become successful in your life.
When you start something new, obviously you will face lots of difficulties. But the successful people are always desperate. They never fear any type of situation and they know that if they move forward, the bad time will pass anyhow and they will find a way to overcome this bad situation.

Razib vai was desperate and that’s why now we can desperately practice English without spending any money. Can you imagine this? He has created the history. Every day, thousands of members in this group are seeing the dream to become successful in English just by using Facebook. We heard that Facebook is not a place to learn. But both the E-CAB and Search English group has proved it wrong. Now E-CAB has reached in such type of position that no one could ever imagined before. And soon the Search English Group will give the birth to many successful writers. It is just a matter of time.

The thing what I am trying to say is that we need to start. We need to stop thinking. We need to focus about our dream and we need to become desperate to fulfill the dream. When you will be desperate, you will face less problems, you will show less excuses and you will have more confidence.

How desperate you are to get the success? Are your friends and families become much more important than your dream? If yes, then you are on the wrong track. You don’t need lots of friends in your life. You just need some productive friends who are already desperately trying to get the success. This one friend is better than thousands of stupid friends who fear to take the risks.

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