Chittagong University is located in Fatehpur Union near Hatazari Upazila about 22 Km north of the Chittagong city. It is one of the largest Universities by campus area. Total area is around 1753.88 acres. Land type is hilly and flat. The University is officially launched on 18 November 1966. It was founded by Fazlul Qadir Chowdhury. He was one of the main facilitator for the demand of this university. It is a public, coeducational, multidisciplinary, research university.fb_img_1478242375709

Dr. Iftekhar Uddin Chowdhury is the vice-chancellor of this university. There are approximately 22,000 students,726 teaching staff,296 officers and 750 faculty members. Apart from this, is has almost 7 Academic Faculties, 52 Academic Departments, 5 Research Centers , 6 Affiliated Institutes and 8 Affiliated Colleges.It has 10 halls also,6 for male,3 for female and 1 coed hall.fb_img_1478242365238fb_img_1478242342715fb_img_1478242357781

The scenic beauty of the campus surely enthral you. You will mesmerised for few moments absorbing it’s charming natural beauty .The campus turn on boastful green. Besides this, the area of this campus covered with hill, stream, ponds, trees and various wildlife etc . Flora and fauna completes the picture, making this campus popular at home and abroad. If you are lucky enough you may see deer and fox sometimes .University campus act as a tourist spot. It has hanging bridge, botanical garden, Mukta Mancha, Shahid Minar, Swadhinotar Swarok Sculpture, Central library and a host of students and visitors.

If anyone ask me about the speciality of this university,invariably , i will answer it is the shuttle train and natural beauty .In Bangladesh, it is the only university which has Shuttle train. It is a part of many happy moments among students and witness of many love history and friendships. Shuttle train is the symbol of youth. Journey takes new charm, meaning when it comes to campus. Whenever, you go by shuttle train, you may experience loud hard rock song beating walls of train. Notable singer SI Tutul and Partha Barua were two of them who used to enjoy beating. It turns into a bit nightmare for the new comer. The exhausted fresher’s failed to catch their breath. fb_img_1478242347943fb_img_1478242353041fb_img_1478242337170

‘Jhupri’ is the most exiting part of Chittagong University. Some love stories start from this ‘jhupri’. Students beat table and sing. It comes with exhausted sigh and exhalations of relief in a day of boring classes. Tables are full of card players and irrelevantly chattering , laughing and munching students. The adda topics are extremely versatile that are politics,philosophy,religion,literature and so on.

Life in hall really has very different flavour. There are 10 halls for male and others for female. Most of the student lives in Chittagong city. Indoor games, group discussion, watching TV and adda make everyone busy in the hall.Solitery guiter and violin is the mate .Groups are seen in Shaheed Minar or Central Field in the mid night of the campus.  fb_img_1478242317307fb_img_1478242330832fb_img_1478242325234fb_img_1478242307349

After some days, Chittagong University will go to celebrate GOLDEN JUBILEE that is the mark of 50th anniversary. I am feeling very lucky that, i also will be the deponent of this golden moment.


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