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I am Writing about BUET. Needless to say that it is the best university of Bangladesh. Not only the civilian students study here, Bangladesh army, Navy and Air force send their best students here to complete the graduation.
BUET is one of the oldest educational institutions of Bangladesh. It started its journey as Dhaka Survey School in 1876. Later it was named as Ahsanullah Engineering College in the year 1912. When Pakistan formed, the name changed in 1962 as EPUET and after the liberation of Bangladesh, it has been named as BUET. So a great history of this University.
It is actually very tough to get admitted into BUET. It is not because of merit and talent, it has very limited seats. Only 1900 students can take admission per year.
No one can give admission exam for the second time. So it is really tough.
There are totally 18 departments in BUET. I am writing about some of the departments.
Department of Mechanical Engineering. This is one of the oldest departments of BUET. This department has produced lots of world-class mechanical engineers who are doing excellent in Bangladesh and abroad. My eldest brother has a student of this department and also a lecturer.
Department of Civil Engineering. This is also one of the oldest departments and the first civil engineering department in the country. This department plays the most prominent role in the country’s infrastructural works. It played a great role in the area of construction, environmental engineering, structural planning and transportation.
Department of Architecture. BUET passed some golden times with this department. This department has started it’s journey with the support of Texas A&M University. The first teacher of this department was an American, Professor Richard E.Vrooman. In 1965, there were four American teachers. This department has produced lots of great architect in the world. Famous actor tauquir Ahmed and actress Api karim- they are both graduated from this university.
শিরোনামহীন- a famous Bangladeshi music Band was formed with five architectural students of this department. 🙂
-Department of URP.
-Department of EEE. It is also one of the oldest departments of BUET. And it is the first department to start Electrical engineering in this country. This department provided great support in the area of power and energy in both the public and private sector.
Department of Chemical Engineering. This department is playing an important role in the country’s industries and the graduated students are doing well in abroad as well.
Department of CSE. One of the most prestigious departments in the indian sub-continent. So many talented graduates have passed out from this department. Lots of them are working with the world’s biggest companies just as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, I BM, Toshiba, BMW, Porsche and no limits.
Department of Water Resource. This department plays a great role in the public sector specially with the topic flood and climate changes.
Department of Naval architecture. It is also one of the oldest departments of this university. This department plays significant role about the natural resources in the sea. They also design ships.
Department of Industrial and production Engineering or IPE. This department is always helping the country in the industry sector.
BUET has played a significant role in our historic independence war in 1971. Lots of students actively took participation in the war. Some of them were martyred.
Some of the notable students of BUET are Sir FR khan, Minister GM Quader, BNP leader Mahmudur rahman, Minister Hasanul Haque Inu, writer Anisul haque.
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