BLACK FRIDAY most mooted issue in today’s world,actually for the having a four days weekend in The USA.

This day is celebrated as the best shopping day of the year. It’s a day to have the best deal among the days of the year for a better shopping.

Black Friday comes after the THANKS GIVING DAY IN USA. As thanksgiving day celebrated in the fourth Thursday in November every year and after the following day Friday it’s called the black Friday.By this celebration people get four day weekend and great holiday in the Thanks giving day.Though now most of the States used to have a holiday in the black Friday also.


The History of this black Friday is not well known and I also know very little about this day. Now I try to describe as I know

Since 1932 the thanks giving day is celebrated as a festival and holiday throughout the whole USA and according to this following day people used to shopping as the eve of Christmas, gifted various item to their near and close ones as the day of thanks giving and for the following Christmas also.By this sense people used to shopping much in this Friday. Actually for such thinking the BLACK FRIDAY started to mark up throughout this shopping policy, from the beginning of celebration this day the retailer get their best selling and so why they try to convience the general mass by giving the best deals.Year after Year the sell in this day growing up so it’s become so attractive. Now -a -days people used to shopping their much in this black Friday to having a great eve of Christmas and also have four day weekend with holidays.


As the retailer’s offered their best deals in this day, the people also looking for this and used it as much as they can.From this sense the selling raised much day by day,it’s come to the mark in the after 2000’s.Before the black Friday in 2014 it’s grows gradually and best selling in black Friday. But in the 2014 for the first time it’s fallen that growth and fallen for nearly 19% according to the earlier year. But after that it’s become again familiar in last couple of year.The famous shops give their best deal and get the best sale in this day.They used to opens their shop in the earlier morning In Thursday (thanksgiving day) to maintain their crowd on Friday. Most probably this couple of day have best crowd and sellings at all.


Everywhere of celebration have some bad experience also.As like as this celebration have some incidents, before 2008 of black Friday people haven’t any such terrible experience about this day.In 2008 in the morning at the WALL MART in New York they got best crowd as ever and people become anxious to open the shop and they broken their glasses and decoration to have their aggressive shopping to maintain that crowd one of the employee of 34 terrible to death, it’s the worst celebration of this occasion. After that every year people get some bad experiencess also within this great celebration like in 2009 a pregnant women affected and carried her to hospital and such like incidents are common now for the US citizens.

Overall this day is celebrated much in the US and some other country also celebrate this day much like Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Mauritius, India, Pakistan, Greece, South Africa and increasingly many other parts of the world.

The E-COMMERCE sites offered their best deal and discounts in this day throughout this whole world.Now a days some of the online shopping of our country also do that.

Best of luck to all and best wishes for the e-commerce sites in this great shopping day.

keep buying keep selling and enjoy muc

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