Best Practice of Submitting a Video to Search English

Howdy all mesmerizing learners and members of Search English! I hope you all are having a great time practicing in our group. You all will be happy to know that we’re going to announce a new addition to Search English for the betterment of our learners. Yes, you’ve read it right! Search English is going to introduce a video library for the enthusiastic learners to make the platform more interactive very soon. And this video library will be full of video contents created by none other than you guys. Yay!

As you know, Search English is a platform for its members and members are the life blood of our platform. So unlike many others, we’re trying to publish and promote the story of our members. We have an YouTube Channel where couple of videos had been posted till this date. But from now, this channel is also going to be super active as well as our group. We’ve decided to make this channel dedicated for publishing contents created by Search English members and learners mostly. So members who had been posting videos in our group (which literally get lost in thousands of posts less than a day) now get more advantages and priority to reach more like minded people.

What you have to do is just turn your smartphone’s camera ON and shoot what’s on your mind for Search English and submit it to our Video Submission form. That’s it! For your better understanding, here’s few quick guide to follow the right way of submitting a video to Search English;

  • Shoot your video in Landscape Mode: Your video orientation should be in Landscape mode instead of Portrait mode to serve the video according to YouTube Video Frame. It can be 16:9 aspect ratio or 18:9 aspect ratio. We also recommend you to keep the video frame 1280x720p, 1920x1080p or higher.
  • Keep the video duration within 5 minutes: We recommend you to keep the video length not more than 5 minutes to let all the viewers to watch the whole video without being bored.
  • Keep the video file size within 100 MB: We require you to keep the video file size not more than 100 MB. If your recorded video exceeds the 100 MB limit, you can convert/compress the video file first and make it below 100 MB easily using a converter tool for your device.
  • Improve the sound quality: We recommend you to shoot the video in a noise free location to get the best feel of your video and let the viewers understand what you exactly want to say.
  • Use proper light: Please also keep in mind to use proper light during shooting your video to serve a lively feel of your presentation. Taking your position opposite to your home light is fine for that or you may use an extra lamp or mobile flashlight for that.
  • File format: This is very IMPORTANT! Your video file format must meet the list of file format we require. Your final video file output should be MP4, AVI or MKV format. But we recommend you to keep it in MP4 format for better experience.

Last but not in the list, speak in English in the whole video. And please don’t mix up Bangla and English either way.

Finally, you might have been worried about the equipment and tools for shooting your video, right? I can make sure that you don’t need to spend any money for that. Simply get your Smartphone or Webcam and start shooting your video. If you have a Digital or DSLR camera, then it’s a plus for you to shoot with that. Don’t bother about the device, we just want you to film your video.

Here’s a bunch of free applications that you may use to edit and convert your video file.

Video Editor For Android

Video Editor for iOS

Video Converter for Android

Video Converter for iOS

Have you already done with filming your first video? Then what are you waiting for? Submit your video now by clicking this button below.

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