All you need to become successful is EFFORT

We all want success in life.We all need a secure life.We all need money and wealth and good health. We want good position, fame and respect in the society. We need peace in our relationships.

But the true thing is very few persons can get success in these areas. What is the reason that we don’t become successful?

You may tell that your friend has money and he is successful. Someone has rich father and you don’t. Some of us will give excuses that someone is talent and you are not. Well, there are unlimited reasons we show every single day that why we are not successful.

But almost all of us are agree that success only comes when  we give effort. If you don’t try for success, you will never have that in your life.

Anything is possible if you try. Yes, you can’t get something positive overnight. But if you keep trying and don’t give up, you can become successful after certain time.

We all understand this truth.

To become successful in life, we just need  to give effort. 100% effort.

If you give your 100% effort, you have better chances of winning. Yes, you won’t be the winner every time. But it will give you experience and lessons which will help you to move forward in life.

If Zuckerburg didn’t give effort on building Facebook, We would never be able to use this social platform today. If bill gates didn’t give effort to build the operating system, we wouldn’t have the chance to use Windows. Every good thing that we need in our life is dependent upon the effort. If you seriously give your 100% effort, there is less possibility to experience the failure.

You don’t need a rich father or you don’t need to have hige money to become successful. All you need is effort. There are thousands of billionaires in this world who had no money. They have come from extreme poverty. What is the excuse?

Eliminate all those excuses from the mind. If you fill up your mind with positive thoughts, it will give you positive results. Mind is powerful. The more you give time, your mind will adopt it and will encourage you to move forward. If you don’t give effort, your mind won’t help you. That’s the simplest thing.

All we need in this life is possible if we give effort.

Success= how much effort we are giving in our work.

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1 thought on “All you need to become successful is EFFORT”

  1. Zahirul Islam Polash

    Really only giving best effort is the main theme of becoming successful.
    If anyone don’t success in his/her life, he/she claimed something that you expressed nicely and elaborately but I think he/she should claim himself/herself. Because they never tried in a proper way to becoming successful. If they were punctual and determined and give their best best efforts they didn’t failure.
    So that, we should utilize our valuable times. We must use our everyday’s every minute and every hour property. Then we must be one of them who are succeed. May Allah help us to become successful in our life. Ameen.

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