Good Morning to all of you.Hope all are well by grace of Allah. I am also well.Have a wonderful day passing. Today i want to write about advertisements that means how can people do advertisements and how many way they follow. So let’s enjoy my writing.

Nowadays there are lots of advertisements on television or on the streets. Some people think that the advertising boosts the sales of goods and it encourages people to buy things unnecessarily.This argument may be true. In my country, many advertising companies produce advertisements with famous and popular actors or singers. People especially youngsters, buy goods that their favourite singer advertise,although they do not really need the products.

Also,on the television screen, a product may look gorgeous and good quality. As a result of it,people often buy goods without enough consideration.Consumers may not actually need it but they buy goods impulsively soon after they watch the advertising. Furthermore, as many customers buy a particular product due to it’s advertising campaign, the other people may be affected by the trend,even if the product is not of the real needs of the society.

On the other hand, there are various aspects agains these arguments. Moreover, it is people’s choice to make a decision to buy goods.Advertising may not be a cause of customers buying habits. Individuals have their own spending habits. If they have got actually can judge whether the goods sold are the real needs of the society or not.

In conclusion, i want to say that as customers have their own strong opinions and standard of good quality goods, it is better to leave them to make their own decision in buy goods. It is fairly sensitive area of businesses such as toy industries, it may be necessary to brand advertising to those children, as children have not got enough ability to control themselves or to know what they need.

All the best.

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