Some memories never die.My recent tour memories of Shundarban was like that.I am feeling nostalgic and missing every bit of joyous moments.It seems like fresh memories float in front of my eyes.Undoubtedly,it was the best tour I ever admitted.I just can’t forget it’s aweful,mesmerising beauty of nature,I literally can’t.Anyway,I am now gonna share some part of happiness,memories of mine shortly!
Sundarban,the largest Mangrove Forest of the world.Bangladesh owned 60% area and rest part was occupied by India.Total area of Shundarban is10,000 square kilometer.There are almost 450 rivers in Shundarban.We visited mainly the East part of Shundarban.We went Supoti (under Shoronkhola range),kochikhali,kotka(jamtola beach),kotka (East wildlife sanctuary),Alorkul(Dublar chor),Hironpoint(West part of Shundarban),Harbaria(under Chadpai range),koromjol.
I learnt many educative things over there based on our academic purpose,so not wanna share those.Rather wanna share joyous memories in general sense.I saw deer,monkey,crocodile,monkey,gelly fish,dolfin,seabird,tiger foot print over there.Besides this, I saw various mangrove species of that dense forest where Shundri is mostly dominant.The mesmerising beauty of Shundarban,I am just not capable to express in words.Still flash back of those moments are revolving in my mind.
We enjoyed a lot in whole tour,specially in our leisure time.Gossiping,singing,doing party in our rocket,taking selfies, scrimming,blabbering and many more.Our respectable teachers were so friendly toward us.Their well-organised management made our tour comfortable.Specially two little children of our teachers,Mardia & Tajdid made our enjoyment double.Badly missing those cutyy little babies,missing Shundarban,missing unforgettable moments!

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