30 Days of Commenting will Change your Life

You may think me mad after watching the title. But it is true.
If you continuously do comment in this group for just 30 days, you will be automatically more confident in writing. I promise that and this is the natural and proven results that we have seen in this group.

No matter what mistakes are occurring in your comment, don’t bother. Just keep commenting on the posts.
Before doing a comment, you need to read the whole post. It will increase your reading skill.
Yes, at the beginning, it is impossible to understand all the posts. But if you continue for just 7 days, it will become easier for you.

English will be your major strength no matter what your education level is.
If you can achieve the fluency in English, you will be eligible to have a very good career in Bangladesh.
You can start an online business, you can do consultancy, you can become a good writer. You can do anything you want only if you are skilled in English.

This 30 days of commenting will be the beginning of this life changing process. So the choice is yours.
If you stick with this, you will be highly skilled.

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6 thoughts on “30 Days of Commenting will Change your Life”

  1. Maruf Hasan Khan

    I really thought you a mad after watching the title.. But you clarify the whole thing with so much satisfaction 😀

  2. Zahirul Islam Polash

    Thanks ever so much for inspiring us by such a good writings. All the best.
    Please keep me in your prayer.

  3. Md. Ripon Hossain

    thank you so much for posting such a nice concept…….I really want to improve myself .I want to be a fluent speaker too…..so, I promise , I continue the course next 30days… hope you all are helped me….thanks a lot.

  4. I really pleased to read your article . only 30 days commenting is changing life . I am agree with you . I want to develop myself . That’s why I am passing my free time in search English group . I believe that I can do it .

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