Month: November 2016


People who get pleasure,putting people down or acting in rude in a discourteous ways,is really wicked persons and mentally sick i think.They don’t even know what evilism they really nurture.They don’t know the source of loyality,source of piece.Being kind towards others give the real happiness in one’s mind actually. Whoever,easily say ” I am sorry”, …

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Trump win….a nightmare

That expression,,,,, when trump won. :O At the end Trump passed the 270 magic vote barrier with relative ease.It was unexpected! -_- Hilari got media,celebraties, even Obama by her side! But finally she lost! Racism win,communism lost by the win of Trump. But i gonna miss Obama,such a cool minded,modest president of USA ever!


MONA LISA……..EVOLUTION………VLADIMIR PUTIN……..Ha….ha…ha…. :v :v how come!!! I was laughing when i saw this troll picture! Really, so funny! 😛 Whatever,we all are very well-known about Mona Lisa.This half-length portrait was made by Italian renaissance artist Leonardo da vinci.The speciality of this portrait is whenever you see this picture,thinking that she is smiling ; it …


Emotions…Reality…Maturity & Then….

“MATURITY” is a very fearsome word,more troculent.The conversion of a person come anyhow into life in a strange way.Walking through to life,don’t know why,he become “MATURED” oneday.Seeing a realistic person,no one ask him, “Why are you think about reality?” Rather they ask,” Life don’t move on with so much reality!” One time this person, hiding …

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CYCLONE NADA In November 01, 2016 A depression which begins from the northan ANDAMAN and become strong within next 48 hours and turns into the cyclone named after ‘NADA’. This name actually given by OMAN to  world Metrological Organisation. This depression seen to be weaken at the ealier stage but after the thunder wind on 2nd,November …


Be Confident

English,,,,ureee baba,,I can’t talk in English or I can’t write in English,it’s a common matter for those people who really don’t know ,how to use it ,,or don’t try to remove their fear from English. Yes ,,I have also problem or lacking on English ,,I don’t have huge experience or lots of vocabulary knowledge,though I …

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Impossible can be possible

It’s time to celebrate for our achievement, we are now 80K member.really that is our achievement,,moreover it break all the record in Fb group within very short time period from my perception. English,,really it was ridiculous ,or it was disgusting or it was hard subject for me,last few month ago I was thought that stupid …

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